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Through support and guidance, you can create practical tools that will allow you the freedom to pursue your deepest passions without judgment or ridicule, learning to tame your ego and lead with compassion. Compassion does not diminish you but enhances you by giving you a platform to discover your inner truth by matching external behaviors.

Harley & Heart is a judgment-free zone by demolishing labels that society places on us, where everyone can revoke the word "should" and replace it with "this is who I am." It's a place where masculine and feminine energies work towards balance: choosing a wise balance of logic and intuition, being courageous, yet setting boundaries, learning to use moderation, trusting with rationality, being creatively productive, and leading with compassion.

The purpose to Reclaim Your Life is to understand that our current behaviors reflect our past experiences of similar situations. Once we understand the motivations behind our behavior, we can begin reclaiming our life by living from a place of authenticity and leading through compassion.   Harley & Heart welcomes individuals and groups to face our inner challenges and experience what it feels like to lift oneself above society's demands and labels and live authentically.

The What

The How

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A FREE workshop for those looking to shed society's demands and bring clarity to your life journey — this workshop is for you.  Let's “ride” together and discover ways to address the obstacles you find on the road.

April 29 @7 p.m. EST/4 p.m. PT     Registration Closed

May 05 @ 7 p.m  EST/4 p.m PT      Registration Closed

May 26 @ 3 p.m. EST/12 p.m PT    Registration Closed


Rediscovering Masculinity

Society tells us how we "should" live in the world. Learn how to Reclaim Your Life by accepting who and where you are in life, not where others think you "should be."


Motivations Behind Behaviors

Our experiences can often dictate our behaviors. Learn to Reclaim Your Life by understanding your motivations behind the behaviors and living from a place of authenticity.


From Tragedy to Triumph

Many of us experience tragedy in our life. Reclaim Your Life by learning how to accept the unfortunate event that has happened to you so you can move forward, letting go of the grief that holds you back.


Adults Sexually Abused as Children

Every 73 seconds, an American is sexually assaulted, and every 9 minutes, that victim is a child.  If you were sexually abused as a child, Reclaiming Your Life is not about acceptance but being empowered to uncover hidden challenges that surround emotional responses to being betrayed; shame, self-doubt, diminished self-esteem, relationship difficulties, and understanding your adult behaviors.

Keynotes and Workshops

Public Speaking

1–4-hour workshop that focuses on our motivations behind our behaviors. Diving deep into the realities of past experiences and learning how to recognize those behaviors before you act.  Being mindful of your present situations leads to Reclaiming Your Life.


Corporate Gatherings

What affects your bottom-line?  Your sales contribute to half of your success. Your employee's happiness determines the other half. It's not just about retention. On the contrary, it's about the employees being heard and respected. Reclaiming the happiness of you and your employees will have a positive impact on the company's bottom-line!


Men’s Circles

An online group where men can speak freely without judgment or ridicule. 

The How

The Why

Welcome to Harley & Heart.  Harley & Heart believes that all people are judged by how they appear and behave to the outside world. However, sometimes the way we appear to others is not who we are authentically at our core. Shadowing our true self happens when we hide our inner truth by living our life how we want to be seen by others. When we learn to question the motivations behind our behaviors, we set the wheels in motion to live more authentically.

The Why


John Izze

I've always lived my life trying to discover what makes me tick, understanding the motivations behind my behaviors.


I spend a considerable amount of time in prayer and meditation. I had intense undergrad and graduate programs in Theology, Philosophy, Communication, Pastoral Counseling and was certified as a Strategic Intervention Life Coach. Through study, working with men, women, and children, and my personal story gave me the tools to understand and accept people where they are in life, not where I think they "should" be; my Golden Rule.


I've never been one to judge others in their healing process and have always supported my clients in their commitment to heal. Many years ago, I noticed that men sexually abused as children suffer in ways women do not. Though similar, society's demands on men create a false sense of masculinity, which often hinders their ability to recover. I knew I needed to offer men a place to heal by working with someone they could relate to and trust, a limited circle of like minds. Though my client base is varied today, most share similar experiences.  My goal is to help my clients optimize communication, improve self-esteem, work through their tragedies, identify their authentic selves, and become mindful of present behaviors by leading with compassion.


Through my tragedies and growth, I've experienced varied, complex, and often devastating moments. Because of the stereotypes around men and masculinity, I've learned to tame my ego through a painful but necessary healing process to live a life balanced through compassion. My work has expanded with clients in and out of the workplace. These men and women want to acknowledge and move beyond their experiences of shame, self-doubt, diminished self-esteem, complex communication, relationship difficulties by understanding the motivations behind their behaviors. Through support and guidance, creating practical, palatable, and adaptable tools will drive you forward and give you the empowerment to Reclaim Your Life.


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What People are Saying

John is an all-around awesome trainer, coach, and mentor.  He has a wealth of knowledge and experience that he draws from personally and professionally.  John has the ability to work directly with individuals going through personal struggles or engage a large audience seeking professional development.  He is entertaining, thought provoking, inspirational, motivational, and uplifting. He has a way of inspiring people to do more.

Abigail L Kerns, MSW, LGSW

I'm a very successful person and pretty much always happy. But I thought I had dealt with my struggles until I realized I hadn't. John immediately put me at ease during my first free session.  John gave me time to explain and never interrupted me.  This has never happened before.  As soon as I begin to talk, people want to save me.  John understood that saving was something I had to do. It's been a long road, but I'm making huge progress. 

Client Retracted for Privacy

John was personable and provided an opportunity for group participation."

John helped me change my perspective on life. Love me some John and can't wait to have him back

John was very personable, knew his topic, and loved the interaction. Very personable.

John made me re-think that not everyone is the same and that's okay.

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